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I believe that it is real important that a cyclist and a bicycle store need to build a long-term relationship.  It is good for both parties, as a friendship begins and grows.

Here are some reasons we the bicycle dealer loves our regular customers: 

  • Friends- as a bicycle owner I get the most enjoyment every day I work by seeing my regular customers, most of which I know by name.  I know their bicycle and their needs.  We spend as much time shooting the bull as we do on bicycles.  We are friends.
  • Loyalty- we know they will suggest us to their friends and family.  We have earned their loyalty over the years and this is a nice way they help us out.
  • Service- we learn what they need and can provide it from service to training to accessories, we can serve them better.  

 There is no way a bicycle store can stay in business without the customers and I say thank you to everyone for shopping with us.

I realize one store cannot have everything, so when you have to shop at other stores, no problem.  Just remember your primary store should be waiting for you as a friend.    If you don’t have a store to call your own, please give  our Stores Southwest Schwinn  Spring Valley Bicycle or Northwest a chance and experience the difference.  If we aren’t friendly or don’t provide good service I want to know.  I am Bob McCowen and you can call me at 713-777-5333 with your comments.  Of course I’ll gladly accept compliments as well.  Thank you for reading this and thank you for giving us a chance to serve you.



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Northwest Cyclery

Call Northwest Cyclery a Houston Bike(713) 466-1240

17464 Northwest Fwy
Jersey Village, TX 77040

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Call Southwest Cyclery - a Houston Bike(713) 777-5333

6607 S Braeswood Blvd
Houston, TX 77096

Spring Valley Cycles

Call Spring Valley Cycles - a Houston Bike(713) 464-8277

9414 Gaylord Dr
Houston, TX 77024

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