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Fall and Winter Cycling

Don't let the cool weather keep you off the bike

Fall and winter are a great time to ride your bicycle in the Houston area.  From riding the neighborhoods, trail riding, training for your next triathlon or road race, to the BP MS 150 or your favorite charity ride.  It is our time to enjoy our bicycles and the cooler weather.  To some cooler weather is awesome to others, it is just plain cold, regardless you should not stop riding.  The key is dressing smart.

·         Head – ear warmers, head bands, skull caps to complete head covers

·         Hands – long finger gloves with or without wind protection

·         Body – Layer, layer, layer – base, jersey, vest, windbreaker or jacket

·         Arms – arm warmers, base layer, and long sleeve jersey

·         Legs – knee or leg warmers, capri, or tight, with or without wind fronts

·         Feet – Wool socks, toe or shoe covers, and toe warmers

Everyone is different.  For me, my ears and feet if those two things get cold I am miserable.  As a result over the years I have collected all sorts of head and feet gear to keep me warm.  Next, most important thing to me is a great pair of gloves.  For you, it could be core, arms, legs, or toes.  In general, the items need to perform and be bicycle specific.  By bicycle specific I am referring to fabric designed to help protect the rider on the bike with 15 to 20 mph wind.  As we know many of our winter garments are warm and wonderful but, offer no protection from the wind.  Our shops are well stocked and our staff is ready to help you select the correct winter wear for our weather.  Make a wise investment and enjoy Houston’s fall and winter cycling.  Stop by today.

Remember our basic post card goes out at the end of November to our mailing list.  We offer special sale and maintenance deals on this card.   To be added to our list email Yvonne at

Cheers to your next ride,



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