Pedal and Cleat Maintenance

Things you are not doing and should be:

Ø  Cleats -- your safety could be in danger!  Worn cleats will impede the pedals ability to hold your shoes securely especially when you are out of the saddle, and climbing and even when you accelerate.  There are 3 pedal systems we see this in:

o   Shimano SPD – Yes metal recessed cleats wear out.  When it becomes difficult to click in and out it is time for maintenance or replacement. 

o   Shimano SPDSL – Depending on the cleat you will either have a red or yellow area on this cleat.  That is the part of the cleat made to walk on.  As the area wears off so does your ability to click in and out of the pedal safely.  Once you begin to see the black area of the cleat replacement is necessary.

o   Look- Keo – This is a thin cleat and should be inspected regularly.  These will have red, gray or black areas as indicators.  There are 4 small holes (2 in the front and 2 in the back).  Once one or more of the holes disappear replacement is needed.

For a minimal investment of time and money you can help assure your safety on the bike.  Take a moment and inspect your cleats and pedals.  You may be surprised.